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Electronic Invoicing

Agyo is the ideal electronic invoicing service for companies and studios. Thanks to direct communication with the Interchange System (SDI), Agyo allows you to control the entire flow of electronic invoices. With Agyo you can:

  • Create electronic invoices or import them from your management system
  • Sign them quickly and transparently and send them to your recipient
  • Receive electronic invoices, even on your connected management system
  • Digitally store all your documents for 10 years


The customers have turned their business with Agyo

Agyo Invoicing is the Software Platform that helps you in the management of Electronic Invoicing: from the issue of the invoice, to the control of the correct transmission up to sending it in digital storage.


Compared to the traditional cash register that only meets fiscal needs, the solution covers the entire management of sales activities, data analysis included. ALYANTE Retail models the operation according to your preferences and perfectly organizes the sales point.

Agyo is simple and immediate.

Its interface makes operations easy to find and perform. In the initial dashboard you will find all the essential data to control your activity.

100% in cloud

Agyo is a 100% cloud-based solution, always available from any device and location. No installation is required, just log in to the portal and get started.

Constantly updated

The platform is always updated with the latest TeamSystem standards and news. Using Agyo you will always find new features and software.

Security guaranteed by TeamSystem

We have activated thousands of companies on Agyo, guaranteeing safety and competence. With Agyo you are always sure that your data is protected and controlled.


Agyo integrates with all TeamSystem management systems and with third-party management systems as well. Agyo can be customized based on the client’s needs.

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