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AliasLab at the Wacom 2018 Partner Conference with the Autotorino case


Great satisfaction for our group for the successes obtained.

AliasLab is a reality that, as you will have read and see, does not like "showing off" too much, but prefers to talk about the facts and the actions taken!

However, after more than 30 years as a reference point in the IT sector, in the creation and development of extremely innovative software solutions, this time we want to tell you a goal achieved that can’t go unnoticed but, indeed, makes us proud and allows us to be more and more top in this area.

The electronic signature is certainly one of the spearheads of the offer of AliasLab: and it is precisely this, declined as a case history, that we have had the honor to tell the audience of the Wacom 2018 Partner Conference, which has been held on 5 and 6 November in Dusseldorf.

Specifically, in fact, has been dealt with the issue of the dematerialization of document management processes, in which the case of the Autotorino Group (historic Italian dealer, born in 1965 and now a national reference) is a virtuous example in the Italian automotive sector, so much to have won the 2018 Management Innovation Award for the Automotive Dealer Day.

A successful case that, thanks to the partnership with AliasLab, has been brought and told at Wacom Conference as a real best practice, with the hope that it can also be transformed, why not, in an example for many other realities.

The Autotorino case: the card disappeared and the graphometric signature activated

For those who do not know it yet, it is one of the very first cases in Italy where the Wacom pens and tablets have totally replaced paper: a car dealership, therefore, in which it digitally signs, simplifying processes and dematerialization.

To make you understand the importance of the innovation introduced, in fact, the Autotorino Group in 2017 was the first Italian commercial group to enter the European TOP 50 of the biggest dealers (IDCP 2017 Guide to Europe's Biggest Dealer Groups).

Therefore, within the concessionaire it is currently possible to sign the following documents:

Contracts of new vehicles with graphometric Advanced Electronic Signature on tablets (soon it will also be possible with both local and remote OTP);

Contracts of vehicles used with graphometric Advanced Electronic Signature on tablets (soon it will also be possible with both local and remote OTP);

The advantages linked to these innovations are incredible and range from simplification in archiving to the search for documents, from immediate sharing via email with the customer to cost savings and environmental impact; without forgetting a strong and decisive increase in data security, fundamental prerogative of the objectives of AliasLab.

The next objectives of AliasLab and Autotorino

The next evolutions related to Autotorino, primarily with the activation of the remote signature OTP (One Time Password), will allow customers to sign wherever they are and with the convenience of using their smartphone, without necessarily having to go through the dealership.

In addition, the electronic signature procedure will be gradually extended to all documents generated by Autotorino: from work orders in the workshop to the test-drive request form or courtesy cars, without forgetting delivery notes, certifications and many other documents.

In short, that of Dusseldorf has been a very important showcase for AliasLab, which has been able to illustrate the results obtained, joint the best Wacom partners and projected itself increasingly at the top in the field of information technology and security.

So, no more talk, do not waste any more time (and money) ... so you know what to do!

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