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Aliaslab Onboarding


Customer identification from remote Know-Your Solutions Customer (KYC) with Selfie and VideoChat. Onboarding for B2B.

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IDOnboard VideoSelfie

Dynamic VideoSelfie Process

Where: Smartphone/Tablet/Web


  • Request activate new sim via App/Web
  • Follow the instructions, record minivideos and repeat Name and I want to activate my sim
  • Select documents to be photographed
  • Front and back photos
  • Confirm OCR data and compare photos (optional)
  • Confirm – Process completed (Document and process sent to back-back for the approval)


IDOnboard Solutions

KYC Management



Key features:

1. Back-office portal that allows operators to view allicona-identita-pc information on an identification process and perform actions on that process:

  • Approve / reject an identity
  • Issue / revoke a signature certificate
  • Activate a SIM card
  • Publish a KYC token on the blockchain, etc.
  • Unique interface for all the various KYC processes, available today: video, selfie, traditional, etc.
  • Responsive web interface that can be used on any device
  • Use external databases for user data validation (International Sanction Lists, PEP, etc.). Ad hoc data sources can be added based on local regulations
  • Scoring Results and user-friendly iconography
  • Evaluation through cutting-edge technologies that allows to obtain a scoring of the results with percentages of correspondence of the acquired data

2. The thresholds can be customized and allow the output of the attention semaphore validation for the BackOffice operator.

3. Document Recognition. Detection and object identification dynamically, our technology allows us to identify whether an identity document is present in the picture taken or not.

4. Face selfie comparison. Comparison of selfie videos and document photos. We compare the subject of the video selfie with the photo of the associated document, to obtain a VideoSelfie and document correspondence check.

5. Voice to text comparison. Extraction and verification of the phrase recorded in the video with Passphrase. We verify that the sentence repeated in the VideoSelfie is correct.

IDOnboard addon

 Document recognition

  • Object detection and identification dynamically, for images and videos. We can identify thousands of objects, shapes and identify the type of document directly from the photo / video
  • Scoring generation based on the parameters defined in the settings. Business card images, faces or unclear ones, are seen with low / null scoring

IDOnboard addon

Face selfie comparison

  • We can identify a person in a photo or video and accurately compare it! We can compare people with the photo on their document, to get a search capability allows you to prevent fraud and identity thief!
  • Scoring generation based on the parameters defined in the settings. The video and the face is compared with the IDCard and a similarity score is generated with the face of the document

Onboard addon Voice to text comparison

  • Extraction and verification of the phrase recorded in the video with Passphrase. We verify that the phrase repeated in the VideoSelfie is correct and corresponds to that inserted by Backoffice
  • The comparison will have an OK / KO rating in output


IDOnboard addon

OCR Scan and integration DB


  • OCR recognition and text based on machine learning to "read" almost any type of document and extract text and data accurately without the need for any manual effort. ID (digital and paper), passports, driving licences, etc.
  • OCR comparison with data written during registration and output, data control suggestion


  • Solution that can be integrated with SCIPAFI - GOV.UK Verify - RUBRICALL - SPID - PERSONAL DB, in order to have a threshold check also in terms of identity verification and document validity.

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