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Allfunds choses advanced electronic signature (AES) of AliasLab


Flexibility and maximum security with IDSign

Aliaslab continues its expansion in the digital field, thanks to the wide range of innovative and high reliability solutions. This is how it strengthens its business and this is how companies have always decided to choose a highly innovative and at the same time easy to use product.

This is the case of Allfunds Bank, the largest fund platform in the world with over 370BM€ of assets under intermediation and over 1400 fund houses, which has decided to further increase its leadership position in the distribution of investment funds by choosing Aliaslab and, in particular, the Advanced Electronic Signature. The IDSign is a highly reliable solution that guarantees the unique connection to the signer, the authenticity of the signer and the integrity of the document.

But what are the advantages of choosing Aliaslab and what benefits can it bring? The documents that the customer signs with the Advanced Electronic Signature meet the security requirements defined by the current legislation, on a technical level, and have the same value of paper documents signed with a legal signature. With a strong user experience, 100% guaranteed safety and a particular attention to the environment, Aliaslab is undoubtedly the perfect solution for companies and customers.

Since 2012 offers maximum flexibility with maximum security, allowing you to use the most suitable signature mode depending on the process implemented, and even allows you to use different modes within the same process. The choice made towards a modular and flexible solution such as the advanced electronic signature allows a company like Allfunds to choose a constantly evolving technology, able to develop new solutions and new features every month.


Aliaslab: a highly specialized and professional team

AliasLab has always used a highly specialized and professional team, coordinated by a management with strong experience and high competence in the areas of software development and project management. The strong experience in the financial and insurance sectors has allowed AliasLab to acquire a unique and high level know-how on safety and compliancy issues. The solutions offered by Aliaslab are not simple products but tailor-made solutions based on customer needs. Ten years experience in projects and dematerialization processes for large Finance and Insurance companies.

The agreement between Aliaslab and Allfunds is an example of a continuous evolution that will allow the banking sector to evolve and respond increasingly to the needs of numerous customers.

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