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Technology shapes the future of Fashion

ALYANTE Fashion is specifically designed to solve the needs of companies involved throughout the supply chain, from manufacturers to outlets.

  • Client knowledge, multi-channelling and process digitization
  • Integration of data with business areas included
  • Management Control and BI to run your business and profits in real time


The customers have turned their business with ALYANTE Fashion

The tailor-made software for fashion firms. ALYANTE Fashion is the fashion software made for the world of fashion production and trade and that fully meets the needs of firms in the fashion industry, offering full control of the supply chain, decentralization of order collection, internationalization, traceability and logistics, sizes and colours, e-commerce.

Market Analysis

With ALYANTE Fashion you can analyse the markets and their historicity to determine a customer target and consequently proceed with the design and prototyping of new products. In addition to this, it allows you to create samples and acquire information directly from production, to control and organize the supply chain from product development to marketing, and to use distribution via stores or online sites.

Interface Fashion

The interface of ALYANTE Fashion is designed to make it all easier for everyone. It has sample management forms, lookbooks and colour sample collections, real-time inventory controls, and widget-app and workflow management.


On the one hand, ALYANTE Fashion manages design, product development and collection construction processes; on the other, it runs strategic planning, sales budgeting, merchandise and assortment planning, and "in-season" process management.

Controlled process

ALYANTE Fashion entirely coordinates the sale process, from searching for new names, to marketing campaigns, to managing customer loyalty

Prototyping, development of collections and industrialization

ALYANTE Fashion covers the product during its entire production cycle: the firm builds product sheets and personal data items broken down according to model, size, colour, brand and line. This is why the flow can be configured for the entire supply chain

Requirements, purchases, quality controls

ALYANTE Fashion permits the planning of activities and requirements based on sales forecasts. The system manages traceability of every finished and semi-finished product


ALYANTE Fashion ensures the firm’s strategic competitiveness, also managing the logistics regarding materials and finished goods. Additionally, it is possible to parameterize documents and warehouses to move selected goods depending on location

Control of management and real-time analysis

ALYANTE supports firms with management support tools, creating a management control system that takes into consideration the specific characteristics of the business and its strategic criticalities through dashboards and KPIs

Interface and software usability

The ALYANTE Fashion user interface makes routine operations quick and easy, in every business area and for every role


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