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Revolutionizing the industry

ALYANTE Retail efficiently meets the needs of companies of any kind operating in the trade market: from wholesalers to Cash & Carry and individual stores.

  • Customizing stores using high-touch tools and interactive totems
  • Collecting, analyzing and sharing client data on all channels
  • Offering clients security on payments and on personal data processing


The customers have turned their business with ALYANTE Retail

ALYANTE Retail acquaints you with your client

ALYANTE for retail companies meets the management and tax requirements of retail sales. The solution works specifically for: clothing, footwear, perfumery, tobacconists, newsagents, toys, supermarkets, foodstuffs. ALYANTE Retail is based on a detailed client database that allows you to centralize data and share it with each operator, allowing everyone to add to it and use it according to their authorization status.

Improving buyer loyalty

ALYANTE Retail allows you to run an unlimited number of promotions: debit cards, credit cards, points accumulation cards, discount cards, pre-paid value cards or linked to specific items, discounts based on purchased quantities and promotional offers.

Blending the traditional shop with the online shop window

ALYANTE brings together into a simple, intuitive and interactive showcase sites, professional sites and e-commerce sites. One of the strong points of the solution is the possibility of expanding sales channels by developing an online store with a single centralized point where you can manage all of the information to be displayed on the website.


Compared to the traditional cash register that only meets fiscal needs, the solution covers the entire management of sales activities, data analysis included. ALYANTE Retail models the operation according to your preferences and perfectly organizes the sales point.

Interface customization

The graphical interface and the design simplify the use on new devices, such as touch screens and tablets. Via the FrontEnd Designer you can edit pages in order to best calibrate your style in the program.

Software architecture

ALYANTE Retail allows you to simultaneously manage several cash points, subdividing the store into departments to which one or more cash desks can be associated plus a list of items with the relative price list. Every workstation is highly configurable according to need.

Online links

Data exchange between the local database and the central database can be Online or Offline. Online data is always available while offline data is available only after synchronization (ideal for stores with limited connectivity).

Reports and Dashboards

With ALYANTE Retail, you create and personalize your reports to set up and manage your work in the best way. You can also create dashboards based on analysis for post-sales strategies.

Management of promotions and fidelity card

The management of discounts, points loading, coupon printing is easy, intuitive and occurs directly within FrontOffice. You can also manage and profile customers through Fidelity Card.

Integration with the ERP

ALYANTE Retail constantly connects the store’s FrontEnd and BackEnd with headquarters to align warehouses, accounting and personal data.

Document acquisition

Headquarter documents are always present at the stores’ cash point, speeding up in-store operation.

Customer orders, reservation lists

With ALYANTE Retail you create highly customizable booking lists (weddings, birthdays, etc.) that are sent directly to the management system and to the cash desk for future execution.

Online stocks

Stocks and data are always under check in all of the chain’s stores. ALYANTE Retail creates the goods handling documents and updates warehouse stocks.


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