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CassaNova POS

Not your usual cash register

Why not update your retail location with a sleek and efficient POS App?. CassaNova doesn’t just print receipts, it shows you data about real-time sales, inventory management and performs an effective control of your Cash balance.

  • Upload and create your item list and easily organize and manage your catalog
  • Review your entire inventory, customize your products with modifiers that include pricing quantities and alerts when supplies are low
  • My.CassaNova makes sure that the owner can keep track of all his/her locations’ sales and easily extract data across multiple locations

CassaNova POS

The customers have turned their business with CassaNova

CassaNova puts an end to old cash registers and gets rid of POS PC solutions. CassaNova is intuitive and easier than any other solution and takes just a few minutes to master. Each CassaNova feature is designed to ease and speed up your work. Retire your old cash register and try CassaNova for free. Say goodbye to old hardware devices, you’ll never look back!

A smarter way of running your business

CassaNova is the ideal solution for: Shops, Restaurants, Cafés, Bars, Pubs, Ice-cream parlours. Do you have a franchise? CassaNova is perfect for you!


CassaNova is the application that allows store managers to check everything about their points of sale anytime and anywhere. Ideal for those who either run a single shop or manage a chain of stores

Easy to use

Easily create and print receipts or invoices in a few seconds, with a full set of strategic and tailored functions designed to help you enhance your business profitability

Tailored to your needs

Elegant and customizable, it allows you to create product lists, categories, departments

Inventory at your fingertips

Easily track your entire inventory to avoid the risk of selling out of stock items, efficiently analyse your sales and organize your orders

Cloud-based Point of Sale: My.CassaNova

Your data stays safe and sound in the Cloud and you can manage your store from anywhere and anytime, browsing from your My.CassaNova account

Analytics and tracking

CassaNova lets you refer to real-time and accurate sales analytics. Find out your top-selling items, display sales by store, period and time or employee

Scale integration

Scale integration allows single-location businesses to sell items by weight. Integrated scales effortlessly communicate with CassaNova and ensure speed of service


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