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Digital KYC improves omnichannel performance


Know your Customer (KYC) digital platform can help strengthen the strategies and processes of omnichannel marketing.

As we know, technology has been contributing to "zeroing distances" for decades, allowing people or things that are distant kilometres to interact at the same time.

Just think of calls with a mobile phone, opening a car with a remote control, a home alarm signal notified on the mobile device, and so on.

To allow more and more remote operations such as opening a bank account without being physically present in the branch or the evaluation of a university oral examination via webcam - technological methods are being developed more and more innovative to do these operations not only possible but also safe and "certified".

Facial recognition via webcam, smartphone fingerprint reading, retina matching or vocal timbre are just some of the so-called "remote identification" modes.

Nowdays KYC platforms allow "real proof" of customeris identity, without being physically present in the place where the verification of their identity is requested and necessary.


KCY Platform - How it works

It is possible to make a first recognition via webcam. How?

An online conference is recorded - with or without operator - following a process defined by the authority and stored in a secure data centre.

Subsequently, a check of the identity provided and of the documents presented is carried out. In fact, the user is made the photo of his face, the identity document shown on the webcam and sometimes the video in real time of autograph and / or remote signature.

After making the online payment, the certificate of signature and the secure device sent by mail is officially obtained.

That's it, in few minutes a customer can be digitally onboarded an then served by the company.

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