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Digital, Qualified and Advanced Electronic Signatures

IDSign Platform, with its IDSign Remote and IDSign Biometric modules, allows to create Digital, Advanced or Qualified Electronic Signatures to perfectly match your needs.

  • Authenticity, ensuring the identity of the signer
  • Non-repudiation, the author may not disown a signed document
  • Legal status, same legal value as a paper document throughout Europe


The customers have turned their business with IDSign

IDSign is the eiDAS compliant e-signature solution offering the widest choice of digital signature methods, i.e. via Mobile, Tablet or PC. In fact, IDSign Platform is the only solution to be found on the international market allowing you to manage and combine all kinds of Electronic Signatures with the simultaneous signing of different people.

With IDSign you can sign anything anywhere and anytime

Why use electronic signature? It boosts your Digital Transformation program. You begin saving operating costs. You can provide your customers with a unique experience. It can be SaaS or On-Premises, according to customer needs.


You can mix all kinds of signatures together, even on the same document, to provide the perfect signing collaboration environment


Highly scalable solution due to its modular layout


Ensures that the document has not been tampered with after being signed


Graphometric, Mobile Securecall Out-of-Band, Mobile Securecall Smart, Biometric, Blockchain

Anywhere, on any device

Sign any type of document from anywhere, including while on the move

Bespoke multi-workflow

IDSign can use different signature workflows for different situations


Tracks user behaviour and interaction with the document, to ensure the user’s legal entitlement




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