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Figaro Channel Manager

An innovative platform that works for you while you focus on something else.

Figaro is a Channel Manager that addresses the many needs of those working in the hospitality industry, as well as the needs of consultants helping hotels to define and manage revenue management policies.

  • Automatic System which you can adjust according to the rules you prefer
  • Save time to improve quality in the details
  • Simple, quick and powerful tools to offer the best rates

Figaro Channel Manager

The customers have turned their business with Figaro Channel Manager

Figaro is a complete system for hotel reservations, which not only evaluates the progress of reservations, but also keeps an eye on the room rates being applied by all the hotel’s main competitors.
Thanks to cutting-edge tools, Figaro can easily define and apply the preferred rate strategy, keeping a tight control over rates and availability to prevent any risk of overbooking, thus helping both the hotel management and the consultant to sell the highest number of rooms at the most advantageous prices.

Figaro: Anna Politi - Sales Manager Europe Hotels - Roma

"The Europe group has always been especially attentive to their online channels, and this is why they have chosen Figaro Suite, comprised of Figaro rate Manager to manage the reservation portals, and Figaro Rate Watcher, to monitor what the competition is doing."

Figaro: Monica Barsottini - Sales Manager Hotel Galilei - Euro Hotel - Pisa

"Figaro is easy and complete, we manage to handle all the channels, OTA, GDS and Wholesaler, and Figaro assistance really is TOP of the line!"


Figaro is your tool box and the websites are one of the many objects included in it. Discover our main features.

Tired of having to work with old and obsolete tools?

With the new Figaro Channel Manager, you get entirely renovated graphics and a responsive Retina-Ready interface. In practice, this allows you to use the channel manager on any sort of device – your PC or tablet or even a smartphone – with maximum optimization on Apple displays.

Would you like to see your online status and make some quick adjustments?

Use the brand-new Planning Multifunction option, which allows you to easily change availability, room rates, rate plan applications and parameter applications. Moreover, it can all be done online, at a glance, anywhere, anytime.

Would you like to sell all your rooms with no risk of overbooking?

Figaro complements your hotel booking system by acting as an extra watchman to help your job. An email notification system has been added to let the hotel know whenever anything occurs: automatic changes in availability, rates, lack of room availability, confirmation of new bookings, etc.

Would you like to manage an unexpected peak in sales properly, and earn more money?

Use Figaro’s Watcher module and you will be able to see the information updated overnight for the next few days on your dashboard.

Would you like to see what your competitors are doing before you change your rates?

Figaro is the ONLY Channel Manager that allows you to manage temporary peaks in reservations by adjusting your rates based on your strategies. We manage the rhythm of your hotel and we help you earn more.

With Figaro, your availability automatically decreases every time a room is booked.

The use of powerful tools you can easily adjust to suit your needs has eliminated the problem of managing not only specific room availability, but also total hotel room availability! You can now decide when to issue a stop sales notice on a certain number of reservation websites.


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