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Identify your client remotely

AliasLab's KYC solutions enable end-user identification through a simple, intuitive process with the highest level of security and compliance. Easy to integrate with existing processes and predefined workflows, highly customizable and compliant with European law.

  • Live Video - Identification with operator using VideoChat
  • Selfie Photo - Selfie identification with guided process and photo
  • Selfie Video - Identification with Selfie Video Process


The customers have turned their business with IDOnboard

VideoChat process (assisted with operator) or selfie based (unattended, in Video and Photo version) that allows the onboarding of the client faster than traditional processes (de visu). This leads to a reduction in the drop-out rate and allows the customer to be kept "online", from the moment of interest to signing the contract. All this to simplify internal approvals and ensure compliance with the legislative framework of reference.

Why adopt IDOnboarding?

Why adopt IDOnboarding? Boost your Digital Transformation program - Start saving time and operating costs to activate your customer either B2C and B2B - Give your customer a unique experience. It can be SaaS or On Premise, depending on customer needs.


Compared to the traditional cash register that only meets fiscal needs, the solution covers the entire management of sales activities, data analysis included. ALYANTE Retail models the operation according to your preferences and perfectly organizes the sales point.

Start of identification process by phone/app

The first page introduces the identification process. If this starts from the Web, you can enter the identification code to proceed.

Add the required Identity documents

The user reads the step-by-step instructions for scanning/photographing the required identity documents during process setup.

Make a Selfie with identity documents in your hands

The user takes a selfie with his document in his hand. The shot is automatic and guided by masks (face and document) that direct him to get an authentic picture!

Remote viewing and signing with SecureCall

The user can view the document on their phone and easily complete the signature process with SecureCall Out-of-Band authentication.

Authentication complete, user logged in

The process is now complete! The back-end, using the Dashboard, will compare the documents and data acquired to confirm the process!


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