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IDSIGN BOX: the new digital revolution


With the new Aliaslab product, everyone can generate their own document and sign it digitally.

How many times did you have to chase your clients, to make them put a simple signature on a contract or any document?

And how much would you have avoided those annoying "pursuits", hoping for the invention of some devilry that would have allowed anyone to sign the document from home and make it immediately available to others?

If you were among these dreamers, just as we were, then you are in the right place! Yes, because IDSIGN Box is just what you are talking about and that finally it is ready to revolutionize your life, simplifying it to the maximum.


The revolution of digital signature

More and more companies and individuals, now, are adopting the policy of a strong reduction in the paper used for their businesses. And this for different purposes: to save money and time, simplify steps that until recently were long and to do good to the environment around us, minimizing waste of paper.

The digital signature represents a technique that can perfectly replace, especially in legal terms, the handwritten signature on paper.

The signature in question, in fact, is connected to the electronic document "to be authenticated" and certifies its integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation in an irrefutable manner.

The ability to uniquely connect each signature to the signer with the highest degree of certainty is what lies at the heart of this technology. This result is achieved by using so-called biometric signatures or by using the mobile phone as a secure token.

Once registered in the Aliaslab system, everyone can use the devices to digitally sign documents and automatically send copies to those who need them.


With IDSIGN Box you can easily upload and add signers

Now that the innovation of digital signature has increasingly become part of everyday life, in Aliaslab we decided to solve another problem common to many.

That, indeed, of having to literally chase someone to make him sign a document, a contract or any other stuff you need of his signature.

With IDSIGN Box, from now on, this will not happen again: all, in fact, will be able to generate their own document to be signed! Also outside the company procedures! Through this suite it will be easy to upload the document to be signed online, add the signatories and send it to the signature.

All this translates into less time spent, flexibility - corporate and not - and consequently in less resources spent and finally, but not less important, no stress that until recently accumulated in the endless search for the lost signer!

Once again, therefore, Aliaslab imposes itself in wanting to revolutionize your life for the better and give you the opportunity, not at all indifferent, to spend the time saved in something beautiful, positive and completely different from the old signatures.


IDSIGN Box: TeamSystem Webinar

With IDSign Box, everyone can generate their own document to sign, add signers and send out for signature, all this on the same platform. That’s why TeamSystem has decided to organize a Webinar, where our product experts will present a new, quicker way to sign digitally.

TeamSystem gives you the opportunity to participate in this exclusive Online Session, in two different languages:


IDSIGN Box – English version

•             12th February at 10:30 (CET)

•             19th February at 10:30 (CET)


IDSIGN BOX – Spanish version

•             14th February at 10:30 (CET)

•             21st February at 10:30 (CET)

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