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Our Vision

TeamSystem Group is one of European leader in the fields of management/ERP software and of vocational training services designed for enterprises, craftspeople and SME’s, professionals (professional accountants, labour advisors, lawyers, property managers, freelancers) associations, gyms, wellness centres/Spas and sports centers.

Integrated skills

By integrating the skills of the various companies it consists of (TeamSystem, ACG, Danea Soft, Digita, Euroconference, H-umus, Inforyou, Lexteam, Metodo, Nuovamacut, TeamSystem Communication, TeamSystem Service, TSS), the Group provides professionals and enterprises with a complete suite of products, services and content, ranging from consulting to management software packages and from vocational training to higher education.

Consulting and assistance

TeamSystem Group is one of European’s most dynamic sector operators. Since the year 2000, in fact, it has grown constantly at rates significantly higher than the market average with regard to all main economic indicators. It has a highly loyal clientele, acquired thanks to precise consulting and assistance services provided through the vast network of structures, and to the offering of modular and always technologically state-of-the-art solutions that cover a wide assortment of functions and of market sectors.

Evolved solutions

The strategy behind TeamSystem Group is based on a serious investment policy, aimed at supporting the constant improvement and growth of its offering both in terms of products and of service quality, with dedicated focus on the real needs of its clientele. Constant investments in research and development allow the Group to guarantee technologically evolved solutions that are constantly upgraded in function of changes in regulations and standards.


TeamSystem is the result of over 35 years of history, skills, innovation and passion for enterprises and professionals. Stemming from a corporate business idea of the early 1980’s, it has followed an exponential growth curve thanks to various changes in ownership that have strongly propelled it towards the future and improved its competitiveness.

Discover our stages

2016 - Hellman&Friedman – the American top ranking private equity fund, specialised in Business & Information
Services, Internet & Media and software, acquires a controlling interest in the Group.
HG Capital remains the minority shareholder, significantly involved in continuing to contribute to its growth.

TeamSystem, in the field of Digital Transformation, adds an increasing share of digital solutions to the traditional offering. Also in this field, the month of July sees the official launching of the TeamSystem Store, the new online sales channel of TeamSystem cloud products and services.

In the course of the year, the Group continues to grow, acquiring: Euresys, specialised in the production of human resources management software; E-conomic International, an innovative Danish cloud accounting company; Mondora, a company working in the field of cloud services for enterprises and financial companies; Cidiemme Informatica, a company that designs and produces management software for private and cooperative wineries; Informatica Veneta, a company that has developed a dedicated cloud-enabled management platform for fitness centres; AliasLab, a company with 32 years of specialisation in electronic signature and authentication solutions highly positioned in Italy in the banking, insurance and TLC sectors; NetLex, the Roman start-up that has created an innovative could for lawyers in Italy.

These operations are in line with the TeamSystem Group strategy aimed at rapid growth in the cloud sector and at investing in the field of digitalisation of SME’s and professional firms.

2015 - The TeamSystem Group laboratories produce the new products for professionals and enterprises: LYNFA and ALYANTE on POLYEDRO platform, a technology that brings together simplicity of use, accessibility from any device, collaboration and workflow tools. In view of the obligation for professionals and enterprises to send its invoices to the Public Administration via data transmission, in force since 31 March, TeamSystem launches the Web FEPA (P.A. electronic invoicing) system. The TeamSystem Group continues to expand its market share by acquiring:

  • Fatture in Cloud, an innovative start-up specialised in electronic invoicing for micro-businesses and professionals using a cloud-based platform;
  • Cantina OnLine and Agròs, solutions for wine and agricultural experts developed by Soft 2000, a top-ranking company in the field of specific management software for wine estates and wineries.
TeamSystem also acquires the exclusive partnership for Italy with Oxatis, a French company that is a leader in e-commerce, to give rise to MYTHO, a Cloud native solution for e-commerce that is simple, complete and perfectly integrated into the management software.

2014 – April - TeamSystem acquires 24OreSoftware, the Sole 24Ore Group division specialised in designing software for professionals, enterprises and technicians of the building industry and for tax assistance centres. With this acquisition, TeamSystem reinforces its leadership in all of its current markets and extends its reach into other adjacent markets such as the building construction and the tax assistance centre markets.

June – launching of the rebranding advertising campaign prepared with McCann WorldGroup and aimed at increasing brand awareness and in launching the new POLYEDRO offering.

November – acquisition of ATYS, provider of technologies for the management of mechanical industry production processes, and of Knos, specialised in the production of document management software.

2013 Presentation of the new TeamSystem Brand Identity that strengthens the already tight bond with a leading group such as TeamSystem, thus increasing its visibility and market success.
December 2013 - TeamSystem acquires ACG, the IBM Italia division dedicated to the development and distribution of management software for medium- and medium/large-sized enterprises.

2012 The TeamSystem Group reinforces its position both on its core business market and on those adjacent to its current offering by acquiring:
  • Danea Soft, the point of reference for management software for craftspeople, freelancers and micro-businesses;
  • Digita,the Italian boutique specialised in the development of CRM software applications and services;
  • and H-umus thanks to Nuxie, the innovative platform designed by H-umus in support of marketing and sales force activities, brings new functions to TeamSystem clients.

2011 The TeamSystem Group expands with the addition of two new companies. TeamSystem Service is the new structure of the Group that provides outsourcing services for the processing of payslips dedicated solely to labour advisors. The acquisition of Harpax, specialised in innovative solutions for the communications sector, gives rise to TeamSystem Communication, the division of the Group that offers advanced telephony solutions that are seamlessly integrated and integrateable with TeamSystem management software and dedicated to professional firms and to enterprises.

2010 TeamSystem acquires INFORYOU, a company specialised in the development of management software and access control systems for sport, wellness and leisure time applications. The acquisition is part of the strategy for expanding the product portfolio of the TeamSystem Group. HG Capital, one of Europe’s major private equity funds, acquires control of the company.

2009 the group TeamSystem Lince enters the micro-companies and crafts market with Facile09, the solution co-developed with Zeronove that is easy to use but at the same time complete, that meets the needs of that particular target market. In the same year, Lince leaves the Group and joins the newborn Cerved Group in the wake of the acquisition of the latter by Bain Capital.

2008 TeamSystem acquires control of the Nuovamacut Group, a company that offers specialised solutions for manufacturing companies. Nuovamacut targets the medium-sized manufacturing sector with the offer of production and ERP software, CAD and CAM solutions, part program management and transmission, machine tools management. After the acquisition of Zeronove, Lince and Metodo, this operation falls under the scope of the strategy plan of TeamSystem Lince Group aimed at strengthening its position in the manufacturing market segment in terms of offering and of special skills.

2007 TeamSystem acquires Metodo, specialised in management solutions for medium-sized companies. The operation is part of the development strategy of the TeamSystem Lince Group dedicated to consolidating its leadership in Italy as regards management software and services. Thanks to MetodoEVOLUS, Metodo’s ERP software capable of covering a company’s many functions, from accounting to management control, from material management to production, TeamSystem acquires greater and better market coverage both in terms of clients and of retailers. The very high technological level of Metodo products, blended with the strength of the TeamSystem Lince Group, is an additional guarantee for the channel and for the user companies alike.

2006 TeamSystem acquires an 80% stake of Zeronove Group, specialised in SME management solutions. The operation’s goal is to reinforce TeamSystem’s position in the management software sector. The range of TeamSystem application products therefore acquires Euro09, a management solution that covers the corporate functions, including accounting, management control, material management and production. Bain Capital acquires the full capital of Lince, a company specialised in economic data services, leading to the establishment of the TeamSystem Lince Group, a new enterprise that leads the sector of software and services for Italian enterprises and professionals. The Group instantly gains status as the player of reference across all of its market segments. By integrating the know-how of the two companies, the Group provides professionals and enterprises with a complete suite of products, services and content that ranges from consulting to management software, vocational training and education, economic data and debt collection.

2005 Bain Capital (an American private equity fund) acquires the company. TeamSystem, via the establishment of the company Lexteam, enters the law firms market with the Lextel program (now Legal System), the “The Software by Lawyers for Lawyers”, that provides the means for achieving complete law firm automation and, thanks to the integration with PolisWeb and to the EasyPcT module, is ready for interaction with the Italian Courts and for the production and transmission of the proceedings of the Processo Civile Telematico (Online Civil Trial) system.

2004 TeamSystem acquires Euroconference, a leader in vocational training in taxation, juridical/corporate, administration and labour law topics and mainly dedicated to accountants, chartered accountants, labour consultants and managers. With this important integration, TeamSystem further strengthens its position in the field of vocational training. The Decree of the Ministry of Economy dated 23 January, concerning this field, introduces a long-awaited and important law concerning optical document storage, namely the legal validity of computer-stored tax-related documents. The new decree opens the doors to business opportunities that can already be accessed using the application software Archivia Plus for the optical archiving of documents, and the ArchiScan and Firm@ packages for mass document scanning and legally valid digital signing.

2003 Start of the progressive rewriting and porting of the park installed on the native Web and visual platform in a transparent manner for the clientele. The new products continue to have the prerogative of allowing their use even on open source operating systems. The offer of services and products is significantly expanded in the attempt to meet the needs of the vast customer base. Despite the difficult market scenario, TeamSystem continues to grow, with excellent economic and financial results, thus confirming its solidity.

2002 Launching of Gamma Sprint, a management product for small-sized Italian companies and that is completely scaleable towards Gamma Enterprise as it stems from the experienced gained on the latter product. All development and partner & final user assistance processes are reviewed and optimised with a view to improving reliability and service level through the precise measurement of results.

2001 The organisational structure of TeamSystem becomes entirely managerial: the aim is to create an institutional company capable of withstanding significant growth and of guaranteeing solid bases for its partners and for its clients. Gamma Enterprise, the ERP solution for Italian medium-sized companies, is launched. This product is highly innovative compared to other products available on the market in terms of architecture, range of functions and specialisation in goods categories typical of Italian industry. TeamSystem obtains UNI EN ISO 9001 certification.

2000 TeamSystem takes an important step forward when its capital is acquired by Palamon Capital Partners (a London-based private equity partnership specialised in European companies with high growth potential). The company’s goal is ambitious: consolidation of Italy’s highly fragmented management software market by pursuing a strategy of investment in products, sales network and service supply structure.

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