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RegTech 2.0


AliasLab UK is running a follow up to our RegTech event earlier this year. The second event, RegTech 2.0, will occur at 3.00pm on Friday 30th November in Eight Members Club in Bank, London.

There will be speakers from HCL Technologies, Barclays UK Ventures and Beyond Every Cloud. The event will focus on Digital Identities and how important they will be in the future and how should the banking industry respond.

We will also discuss various aspects including out-of-branch account opening, customer abandonment rates. In the new banking ecosystem, where new fintechs has improved the banking experience, is putting pressure on the traditional banking players.

They are already struggling with large physical estates of banks that customers don’t visit very much and a large overhead of KYC and AML for their customers.

Digital Identities and blockchain is starting to make significant changes to this environment and will only continue.

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