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TeamSystem Aliaslab at Semana del Seguro in Madrid with the best technology for digital signature and digital identity


This important field has been represented with TeamSystem and Aliaslab at the XXVI edition of Semana del Seguro 2019 in Madrid. The event took place from 19th to 21st of February 2019, in the Centro de Convenciones Norte of IFEMA.

TeamSystem and Aliaslab have had the opportunity to assist to the three days of the event, with the chance to network and discuss future business opportunities.

The insurance industryhas demonstrated its strength and capacity to innovate in the last 3 years Regulatory news, new processes, innovation and good customer management are the foundations of this change.  Signing insurance agreements digitally anywhere, at home or at work, is reality now. But it’s not enough. Insurance companies are offering “insurance on-the-go” or “temporary coverage” for limited periods to protect customer during temporary or limited experience. This is possible only with new technologies opening new business model and paradigms. Innovation is becoming so important in the insurance industry that media uses the word Insurtech... That’s why a digital signature is so important in the insurance industry, but in 2020 Insurance need something more. The other piece of the puzzle is the digital identity (KYC) needed to verify who is signing and that is something happening before the digital signature. There are 3 ways to identify a person digitally:

  • Video through an operator
  • Video selfie
  • Selfie

All 3 ways are approved by eIDAS and are valid in all European Countries.

The Digital Identity platform of AliasLab was one of the best innovations shown during the event, generating a lot of curiosity and interest in the Spanish insurance community.

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