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TeamSystem BI

Business Intelligence for enterprises

TeamSystem BI is the Business Intelligence software that helps you enjoy autonomous access to and freedom of navigation of your business data.

  • Instant response times, even with large data volumes
  • Flexible and adaptable procedures
  • Clear and regular reporting in just a few steps

TeamSystem BI

The customers have turned their business with TeamSystem BI

TeamSystem BI is a flexible tool providing analysis and indicators (KPI) for administrative, purchasing, sale, warehousing operations and for product reception from suppliers and deliveries to clients. These preconfigured analyses can be supplemented with new content, dashboards and indicators for enhanced business phenomena assessment.

QlikView Italy

TeamSystem works alongside QlikView Italy for BI, so you can lower costs and increase the efficacy of interactive analyses and the dynamic presentation of abstract business data from one or more various sources.


TeamSystem BI also supplies precise and customizable analyses for vertical industries such as Fashion, i.e. enterprises that produce and market products related to the fashion industry, and the Vitivinicolo, for enterprises working in the field of vine cultivation and wine production.


TeamSystem BI offers the simplicity that users – even non-experts – need to promptly acquire the answers they require.

Fast and easy to use

The "point & click" interface, via the intuitive display of data and objects, ensures prompt and simple use of the software

Integrated architecture for interactive analyses

Provides a rational view of the data, from the synthetic indicators (KPI) to the detailed analysis of the source data.


The analysis data are integrated via a guided ETL auto-composition interface. Likewise, the information is extracted directly in MS Excel in just one click

Reports and Notices

With TeamSystem BI you can use analytical applications and interactive analyses to manage the specific reports of each environment. The alert function warns the user in the event of data changes

Security and no footprints

Each application can be accessed through secure accesses and web browsers. Your data is always protected and under control

Point & Click interface

To streamline the user’s analysis of data via interactive analysis techniques, simply using the mouse and requiring minimal instruction


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