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TeamSystem CRM

The built-in system that increases client control ability.

With TeamSystem CRM you can work even when you’re on the move, thanks to the App that extends data availability and guarantees daily operation even when offline.

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TeamSystem CRM

The customers have turned their business with TeamSystem CRM

TeamSystem CRM software improves the level of productivity of your personnel and organizes the agendas by synchronizing life inside and outside the office. It also helps in commercial activities by integrating entirely with the corporate ERP system, managing and controlling all customer-oriented activities. CRM increases income: via guided processes, CRM profiles the names on which you can then act. It also makes sure that these processes are applied by allowing management of the external market and of your Customer Base.


With TeamSystem CRM you can implement a successful customer relation strategy. Here are some of the key features that are included in our Customer Relationship Management.

Curtails costs

Curtails costs: with CRM, corporate organization becomes more efficient and effective. Information can be shared within the company and can be viewed anywhere


Loyalty-building: with CRM you can improve the service you offer your customers, by improving communication and the commercial action


Pre-configured: TeamSystem CRM provides “ready to use” operational environments designed around the user

Multibrowser, Multichannel, Multicompany, Multilanguage

Multibrowser, Multichannel, Multicompany, Multi-language: can be used with any browser, and can be used and interact with many communication tools (email, voip, etc.)

Process automation

Process automation: TeamSystem CRM allows to automate a large range of operations through the creation of workflows that standardize communication processes within the company and automate the actions

Social and geo-localized

Social and geo-localized: TeamSystem CRM offers the chance to integrate with all main social instruments and guarantees client geo-localization so as to improve visit rounds and local marketing activities


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