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The dream of the house and the nightmare of the mortgage application


With the digital signature and the document drawer everything becomes easier and faster

The only thought of applying for a mortgage, selling or buying a house is certainly a cause for worry and stress!

While in many parts of the world it is now a matter of completely speeded up and standardized operations, still in Italy it is difficult. Even if, at the end of the tunnel, the light starts to be seen.

The reduction of the time of bureaucratic management and consequently the disbursement of the sums requested, with regard to mortgages, are the primary objectives that we would all like.

All this happens thanks to the digitalization of processes, including the replacement of paper and digital signature, which allows the paper to be completely eliminated, and the introduction of the document drawer.


Before moving on with the purchase of your home, however, we make a brief break on the document drawer.

What is a document drawer: how does it work and what are its benefits?

We speak of document management when an application deals with performing some massive operations on documents, cataloging and indexing them.


The dematerialization of processes allows the optimization of the modes of communication and interaction and can guarantee the management of the entire life cycle of documents: from their creation, to storage and up-to-date storage.


Electronic document management allows:

  • reduce printed paper volumes respecting the environment;
  • reduce storage spaces;
  • reduce management costs and streamline internal processes;
  • make documents unalterable;
  • make information confidential;
  • make documents available in any place through a simple internet connection.

Mortgage: here's how to get it in a short time and without unnecessary expenses


Household spending is perhaps the most important we will sustain in life; not always, however, it is easy to have the availability of the sum indispensable for the realization of this important goal.

And here the mortgage instrument comes into play. A request that, however, thanks to the remote signature and the document drawer, can be extremely fast, simplified and, of course, 100% secure.


Online mortgage: how does it happen?

As soon as the customer has decided to engage in the application for a loan, he will fill in an online application form that will be developed in the following points:

  • Bid generator (rate, amortization plan, information documents);
  • Questionnaire (questions to be answered to generate the mortgage dossier containing all the necessary information of the client);
  • Video identification (a videocall, 100% secure, with a qualified and verified operator) or Selfie identification - IDOnboard;
  • Signing of documents (digital signature will be signed all standard documentation) - IDSign;
  • Sending the request (appointment request with an agent and generation of all the digital documentation).

At this point, we move on to the actual management of the procedure.

The first step consists in the login of your document drawer related to the required mortgage.


Inside the drawer, besides all the documents of the practice, it is possible to check the progress of the entire procedure. After checking the documents, you can complete those that are still awaiting your electronic signature.

One of the peculiarities of the document drawer is that of being constantly updated (through a data automation procedure defined in the previous questionnaire, in fact, the Back office uploads the documents inside it and makes them available to the customer).

After signing all the documents, confirming the tariff and arriving at the end of the process, the expert confirms the inspection and proceeds with the processing. At this point, you can proceed directly to the signature of a notary, view all the documents that must be signed, by remote signature or not, and close the dossier of the loan.

And that's it!

In short, the main advantage of the digitalization of processes for the home is represented by the much quicker times with which you can conclude the contract and get the sum you need.

In addition, the time management of the practice is also much faster. And thanks to this speed, you can realize the dream of the house as soon as possible!

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