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VOIspeed UCloud

The cloud-based telephony solution for business customers.

VOIspeed UCloud is the only cloud-based telephony solution that allows you to use any type of line and phone with outstanding services designed to increase the productivity of your business.

  • Every telephone talks independently to others
  • Dynamic and advanced interface
  • Ready to use APP

VOIspeed UCloud

The customers have turned their business with VOIspeed UCloud

VOIspeed UCloud is our cloud-based telephony platform offering exceptional communication solutions to business customers. Entirely developed in-house, following years of investment in R&D, this advanced technology is based on an innovative peer-to-peer architecture specifically designed for the cloud. The platform is composed of multiple independent processes running in a virtualized environment, thereby guaranteeing stability, redundancy and disaster recovery.

VOIspeed UCloud: VoiceAbility

"It is important that we cut our central costs as much as possible. VOIspeed is the most cost effective way we have come up with doing so."

VOIspeed UCloud: Overland Associates

"VOIspeed improves internal communication in the office. It’s nice to call internally internationally without having to pay for it – I am now always on the phone to my colleagues in London!"


VOIspeed is the solution to all this: integration, customisation, flexibility and above all innovation. All brought together in one key technology. See the full list of features.

User Interface (UI)

Control a desk or mobile phone using a tablet, Win/Apple computer or smartphone. See who is online, send text messages, make phone calls, join conferences or listen to voicemail. Managers can access reports, statistics, recordings and even intrude in a call to train a new employee.

Telephony APP

Thanks to the VOIspeed APP, a smartphone becomes an office phone. Call business contacts, text colleagues or transfer calls using a smartphone on the move. Outbound calls will display the office number, ensuring all contacts remain secure and customers will call back to the main office number.


Integration means enabling the company’s main software tools to exchange information with the telephone system. Sales reports and call statistics can be imported into your CRM or management software and important details about the contact can be displayed when a new call arrives.

API for 3rd part software

VOIspeed UCloud provides an API that allows easy integration with 3rd party software thanks to extremely flexible and ready-to-use tools. Thus, the user can retain the same software tools already in use in their business, increasing productivity while reducing downtime, and avoiding an in-house IT overhaul.


The UCloud structure enables all telephone devices to talk to each other independently, using a proprietary peer-to-peer protocol that guarantees consistency throughout the whole system and its status. The result is a system where all elements are linked in a robust and highly architecture.

System Revolution

Telephone system is now organized into two core services: In.Ge., which manages the interface between the central database and multiple, geographically distributed installations; Ser.I., which looks after the interface between each single Cloud Phone System and its User Interfaces (UI).


TeamSystem International - VOIspeed UCloud


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